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our m.o.

First things first...We listen to  your brand story.

Breakout Creative prides itself on first exploring the heart of a brand. Exploring what the brand stands for and how best to establish brand equity through sound strategy. We do this by design in approaching any brand communications challenge. 


Part A: Research

To best serve your brand cache of services, we first need to determine what your brand “impression” is to your current and desired target audience. We spend a little time on the front end to save a lot of time and money on the back-end for downline success.


Part B: Strategy

Based on the completion of brand assessment research, a strategic platform is developed for short, medium and long term brand success.


Part C: Tactical Outline

Once parts A and B are finalized, we develop a true tactical media mix that ensures the creation of a launch “brand fan base”.


Part D: Creative Application

Once the applicable research, strategic and tactical outline development stages are complete, we go to work to create a brand presence that is engaging, motivational and creates a true USP (Unique Service Proposition) for your brand cache of services. This ensures that your target audience receives core messaging that resonates wherever they experience your USP.


Part E: Tracking

To truly achieve success, every effort must be tracked to maintain your brand positioning in the best way possible. This is achieved through available tracking channels to ensure that your brand cache, marketplace positioning and budget are maximized over the short, medium and long haul.


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